Sirena batts

Is co-founder of Bring A Friend! Military spouse and proud mom to two children and two furry babies. Sirena is a faithful believer in Jesus Christ and is a survivor of physical and emotional abuse. Brought up as Catholic, Sirena grew tired of the strict rules required to be a compliant lover of Jesus and decided that church was not for her. Although she still believed in Jesus and had her own personal relationship with him, attending church was no longer of interest to her. In 2017 her husband asked that they find a church in an attempt to bring God to the forefront of their relationship. During their “church shopping” they stumbled upon CBC and after their first visit, immediately knew it was the church they were looking for. After continuing to go week after week, Sirena began to grow in her faith. In April of 2019, she attended an all women’s church retreat and decided to get baptized to recommit herself to the Lord. Since being baptized, Sirena has been on a spiritual high and has dedicated her time to serving The Lord and attempting to get as much people as she can to build a relationship with him.


Sara Lopez


Is co-founder of Bring a Friend! Wife, student, pre-teen leader and a believer in our Lord, Jesus Christ. Sara was brought up in a catholic church for most of her life. At a young age she was a sufferer of abuse and as she got older, she grew distant from God. She reached a point in her life where she knew something was missing, she needed Jesus. She found C3 Community Connect Church with her husband and they soon called it home. Sara fell in love with the church, its members and most of all, Jesus! In September of 2017 she decided to dedicate and surrender her life to Jesus and get baptized. Since then she has witnessed the love and Mercy of God and she wants to share it with the world!