I was baptized as an infant and always found it ironic that in the Catholic religion this needed to be done by a priest and you needed to have God parents. I never knew what the intent was behind getting baptized, I just knew as a Mexican child that if you didn’t baptize your children they were probably going to give you a hard time in life. Ha-ha, if you’re a parent I’m sure you can agree with me that your children will always give you a hard time regardless if they are baptized or not. I stopped going to church as a child and began going again about two years ago. This time around I chose a church that wasn’t focused on religion and was more focused on educating God’s word and helping me build a relationship with him. Every month I would see my church baptizing adults and always thought I was good to go because I got baptized as an infant. It wasn’t until I started becoming more educated in my spiritual faith that I realized being baptized is a choice by you, committing yourself to God and being washed of your sins. In John 3: 5-7 and 15 it states that in order to enter heaven, one must be born again in water. It also states whoever believes in God will have eternal life. I think it’s so important that we take this step when we are at the age of understanding who God is and that he sent his son down from heaven to die on a cross for our sins. As an infant how would we know this? It is such an important step in our faith and is such a beautiful feeling when you rise up out of that water. With all that being said, I was baptized again in April of 2019 as a 30 year old woman and I have to say, it’s completely changed my life.

Sirena BattsComment